There is a unique story to tell about the house and garden at 14 Jacana Drive in Harare.

Zimbabwean architect Mick Pearce, who became world famous for his original and innovative designs, has built this house following the principles of Feng-Shui.

Feng-Shui is a Chinese philosophy that recognizes how the positioning and lay-out of a house influences the way -Qi-, or life energy, will impact on the various aspects of ones life (such as health, career, love, family, travels, etc). If the design of a house and garden allows -Qi- to accumulate by meandering through calmly, the laws of heaven and earth will make all those aspects in the life of its occupants become prosperous.

Implementing this 3000 year old philosophy resulted in a uniquely designed house, both on the inside and out, which won the Zimbabwe 1994 National Architecture Award.

Whether one is a believer in Feng-Shui or not, the house has a very special feel to it. Anyone who has entered it has been surprised by its unusual lay-out and special atmosphere. Light, spacious and open – are some of the words which come to mind and – serenity, balance and tranquility. The lush green garden, with its many indigenous trees alive with birdsong, adds to the enchantment of the place.

The current Dutch owners, who have lived in many different countries all over the world in the last 20 years, saw the potential to turn this beautiful home into a small exclusive guest lodge, offering an intimate luxurious sanctuary where guests can feel at ease.

The elegant, casual-chic-style interior design, mixed with Zimbabwean art is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while the all-through feel of harmony gives visitors an instant sense of winding down, the kind of feeling people hope to find when they are away from home.

Does Feng-Shui really work? One would start to think so…